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After all how that I have shot him COM now I should do first aid and to do that I have to render him safe.
IMHO, this is really bad advice! as BikerRN said, keep your distance. Unless you are a trained medical professional, if you, as a "civilian" administer CPR or some other form of first aid and the BG ends up dying anyway, YOU could end up being accused of causing the BG's death when this goes to court! After all, you just shot the guy and without witnesses, who's to say that you weren't just trying to finish the job the bullets started?

OTOH, if you are a physician (or maybe even an RN), I could see how this could be used in reverse. If you did nothing and the BG dies, his lawyers could say, "As a doctor, how come you did not administer CPR?"

Just my 2ยข
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