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Holly Bushes under the windows are my favorite home defense mechanism. Even cut low having to walk through them is a painful experience. Secondly the HDTV security camera systems you can get through Costco and Sams club or security wholesalers online work great. On my town house I have the entrance door and the dowstairs windows and hall covered. Also going down the stairs. It is tied in via a cable tuner on my Computer so All I have to do at night is turn down the monitor light and leave the DVR recording.Third would be the shotgun. For someone like myself it is the perfect SD weapon for house close quarters. After that straight to 1911s and Speer and Double tap HPs. Also reinforced Steel doors and door frames are mandatory, along with Security monitoring. Have been considering when I build a house in a few years, of having a vault company come in and build a sliding vault door into my bedroom and using concrete block on that part of the house in order to create a bedroom with a walk in gun safe as well as turning my room into a safe room.
I have the worst luck with boating accidents and guns. My guns always seem to be on the boat when it sinks.
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