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The Recoil Myth is alive I see

A properly gapped and set up G3 design will have no more perceived recoil than any other rifle of that sort. Some folks think the action is louder than the M14 or FAL, and that could be.

It is my belief that other than a properly made match M14, all of these rifles will shoot pretty much the same, accuracy wise.

The Bill Springfield trigger job is pretty consistent, and not terribly expensive. He has a website out there. Mr. Springfield will also install your paddle mag release, which in my estimation makes the rifle a much better system. Williams Trigger Specialties has other options, and tends to run a few $ more.

Like any other weapon, find the one that you like. Just 'cuz I like it doesn't make it suitable for you. I like to think of the HK or PTR91 as an AK hopped up on steroids, and with better sights. I really like the drum sight on the HK design. The action is stone cold reliable, and it will always go "bang" even after hundreds of rounds without cleaning. It is a heavy rifle, but it balances well. The magazines are works of art with incredibly strong feedboxes... the area where the AR15 is sorely lacking. The rifle is easy to clean with the proper assortment of brushes and patches.

Best of all is the ready availability of the subcaliber device, and inexpensive, high quality glass. The subcaliber device allows one to shoot 22 long rifles through his 308. A very enjoyable time can be had with one of these and 500 rounds of ammo. The Hensholdt scopes are a tremendous value, and are really pleasant to use.

I like the M14, but both that rifle and the FAL were not really designed to accept optics well, and unless things have changed, I haven't seen a scope base that is a return to zero arrangement for either of them, as there is for the G3 design.

For $50 a POF port buffer will eliminate the reloaders' nightmare of mangled brass caused by striking either the right front claw mount leg or the rear of the ejection port, ASSUMING you can find the empties. The rifle does have a vigorous extraction. With military brass loaded to reasonable pressures my rifle does not change headspace on the empty brass at all, although the ejector does a number on the case rim. I have reloaded such brass 7x, but retire it after that as the rim starts to get pretty well peened into a larger diameter.

I really like mine. It fits me, it shoots where I point it. It is reliable. It is fun to tag steel on a cool Spring morning at 400+ yards with it prone, bipod extended. It is great to introduce new shooters to the sport, as the 22 long rifle is also fun, and instills confidence when the newbie hits what he is aiming at.

I will likely get an M14 or clone sometime in my future. It is also a great rifle. I doubt another FAL will be in my life again as I was singularly unimpressed with that rifle. I had a pre dealer sample G1 rifle. The trigger hurt my finger. The steel forend was unuseable after 1 mag dump. Cleanup was less than enjoyable, and it didn't readily accept a scope. The rear sight was all wobbly, and the adjustable gas system that people extoll was a huge negative in my mind. But folks like them, so I say "great!" No skin off my back.

So. Get what fits you, and what you like. Don't worry about what others say.

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