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I have a post-64 Winchester 94 30-30 made in the late 60's or right around 1970. I have the typical spots/pitting that occurs on most of these post-64 receivers. Let me put it this way - the gun shoots fine, but it's the gun I choose to keep on top of some cabinets in a cabin in the N. Georgia mountains. I don't care if the finish gets more crapped up than it alread is, if or even if it gets stolen for that matter. It's a beater and will always be a beater because there isn't anything you can do that's worth doing to make it look pretty.

I would never treat a pre-64 (if I had one) the way I treat my post-64. Sometimes, I think "boy I sure would like to have a pre-64 Winchester...", but then I remember how nice it is to have at least one rifle that you can bang around with where more pitting and dings on the stock just add charicter to it.

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