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To me, HK seems to be hung up on designs that put a lot of emphasis on extreme accuracy. COnsidering most of their product seem to be CQB or battle issue items,
Military and LE sales are their prime markets and they do well in them.
not SDM or "sniper,"
What? There's the G3SG/1, PSG1, MSG90, HK33sg/1 and a few others, all based on the roller-delayed blowback design.
Over the past few years, further improvements and refinements have resulted in the PTR 91 being recognized as better than even the original HK 91 rifles.
Other than the barrel, which is debateable, what improvements have been made? AFAIK, JLD didn't modify the tooling that they purchased from the Portuguese company, FMP.

Do PTRs all come with the flapper magazine release intalled? I don't think I'd own another HK roller gun without it.
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