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Mauser 1916 spanish

Hello. I just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive. I did my home work first and found every article i could find simply by putting Spanish Mauser, 1916 Mauser, Mauser 1916 Spanish & FR & FR. I then put it into a search bar,(GOGGLE) and pushed enter. One of the best articles and most informative was what i got from this site which i am including with this post. This is the man's name and site.
Mark Trope
Field Editor

This si a copy of an e-mail i wrote to him and his answer. Hope it helps.

Hi Rick,
I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

Q. I have some military ammo which is head stamped, LC
05 with a O and a + sign in the middle. I am aware that this is Lake City
and the 05 means Mfg. Date. Do you know what the
pressure is for this particular load and is it safe to shoot in that rifle
being it checks out for being sound by a competent gunsmith etc.

A. The pressure for that load is 50,000 PSI. Yes it is safe to shoot in a checked-out FR-8

Q. What would be considered good enough for shooting in military bolt action shoots which my club has from time to time.

A. Try 40.0 grains of IMR 4895 and a 150 grain bullet. This is a good, all around, mild pressure load.

Have fun with your FR-8. They are still around, just getting a bit pricier now for the cleanest ones.

Best Regards,

Mark Trope
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