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"So in areas where you have the right to use any level of force to stop a violent felony could you use hand cuffs on the felon... LEGALLY?"

this is a little confusing...

I assume you mean that a violent felony has begun or is well underway and some how you have stopped it (gunpoint, commands, physical control).

If you have stopped a violent felony and have not fired a shot, I assume you consider cuffs an option to hold them there to be picked up. Another poster summed this one up for me when they said, "I'm not in the business of detaining criminals."

If you have stopped a violent felony via shots fired, then you shouldn't be concerned with handcuffs. More concerned about safety and medical attention.

It does not appear you are talking about someone in your home just standing in the kitchen after b & e or someone outside taking your car cd player. Since the term violent felony is used.
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