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Handcuffs are a problem waiting to happen,

Ever watch COPS? Ever see how many in shape, trained LEO's it takes to get the cuffs on a recalcitrant suspect? You are going to do this, alone, untrained, in your house? BS, you try, you are going to get at worst a beat down, and more than likely, the cuffs on you and him with your gun.

Its really easy. If he is in your house without permission and committing a felony, if you did not invite him in, if you are afraid that he is going to hurt you, you can SHOOT HIM. if you prefer NOT to shoot him, then tell him in small words to get the hell out or you will shoot him. If you wish, you might be generous and tell him lay down and spread them or you will shoot him. If he refuses, you can feel that he is figuring out how to hurt you, and you can SHOOT him.

Find me ONE SINGLE CASE where an honest law abiding home owner was ever charged or convicted for shooting a burglar or strong arm robbery suspect in their own home. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. If the person is being charged, it is because of other circumstance. IE a drug deal gone bad, or someone invited them in, but after 25 beers, when the invitee had worn out there welcome by hitting on the inviters GF, inviter shoots invitee, no thats not going to fly.

BUT if you are joe homeowner, watching TV at midnight when someone kicks your door open and starts demanding your money and you put three center of mass, or if you come in from the deck and charlie crackhead is in your Living room boosting your TV, and you pop him, your NOT going to jail. More than likely, the kind of guy who breaks into your home is going to have a record that has its own hard drive down at the Local PD. Its a simple fact, most crimes are committed by a very small percentage of the population. When you find yourself confronted in your own home by a invader, that is the lifestyle this person has chosen. More often than not, you will get a very private "attaboy" from the cops who show up. They will know his name without looking for ID, When the Cops say, "bad day to be you, Joe Bob," or "Tyrone", Or "Hector" to the body on your floor, relax, you did a good thing.

I get sick and tired of people thinking that if you do not follow a prescribed set of steps in exactly the right order, you are going to spend your life behind bars if you shoot. NO you are not, IF you are a good law abiding Citizen and your worst "crime" to date has been a speeding ticket driving home from church to catch the rest of the first half of the football game. If you have some drug history, or a few D&D charges from your years of being a jack ass, you might have some trouble, but if like most americans, your worst thing was a traffic citation, or you got caught stealing the rival high schools mascot and you had to pick up trash for two weekends, NO you are not going to jail for shooting a hoodlum in your house.

Handcuffs are a problem for anyone except the Law, and maybe a few who have wives who like that sort of thing. other than that, All I see out of it is a lawsuit.
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