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PTR-91 .308 Battle Rifle - U.S. Made HK-91/G3

PTR-91 rifles are U.S. manufactured HK-91 Heckler & Koch rifles. PTR stands for Precision Target Rifle. The PTR 91 was developed with actual tooling from an H&K licensed G3 arms plant. The G3 is the full automatic version of the HK-91. PTR-91 rifles retain all major design features of the well-engineered German H&K G3 roller-delayed blowback design. This design is found in everything from the world famous H&K MP5 submachine gun, to belt-fed general purpose machine guns like the HK21, and even highly accurate semi-auto sniper rifles such as the H&K PSG-1 and MSG-90. The roller-delayed blowback design is superior in durability and reliability to the gas-operation of other popular rifles such as the AR-15, M1A, and AK-47.

In 2006, PTR-91, Inc. of Farmington Connecticut purchased JLD Enterprises and is now the current manufacturer of the PTR 91 rifles. Over the past few years, further improvements and refinements have resulted in the PTR 91 being recognized as better than even the original HK 91 rifles. One such improvement is that PTR 91 rifles come with .75” diameter Match grade 4 groove barrels with a 1:12” right twist.

Two decades ago on July 7, 1989, President Bush banned Americans from owning any new H&K 91 rifles. As a result, H&K was forced to cease production of the HK91.

Thanks to the efforts of JLD Enterprises and PTR-91, Inc., in bringing H&K tooling to the U.S. for manufacture, the infringement upon owning these arms was effectively bypassed, allowing Americans to buy HK-91 rifles again!

Detailed video of PTR-91 Battle Rifle:

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