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Once again all the namby pamby's come out of the woodwork saying "don't try to detain, at all, or else"...

Someone breaks into your home, you get the tactical advantage, and ??? Well, exactly WHAT are you supposed to do then? Tell them to leave? Do nothing? Say nothing? What?

I don't see how you're not supposed to make even the most modest attempt at telling them to get on the ground while you await the cops. Sure, if they don't comply, that's another matter. But you still aren't saying exactly what you would do if not try to detain via some kind of threat, implied or otherwise.

What it comes down to is SOMEONE is going to be taking charge of the situation, and it may as well be YOU deciding how things play out and not the bad guy.

[none of the above is particular to using cuffs or not; I'd say that if you expected to wait a long time for police to arrive, handcuffs may be better than shaky hands pointing a gun -- though you probably don't want to have to put them on the BG yourself]

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