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I had some training from my security guard days on using cuffs.

I decided it was better not to even try.

Its a whole lot harder than it looks on TV if the suspect puts up even a tiny amount of resistance. It is virtually impossible for a single person to cuff a seriously uncooperative suspect.

Save the cuffs for the bedroom.

If you insist on cuffs, buy a good pair. The guy that taught my security guard class had a standing deal in all his classes. You and he both put up $20. You get to handcuff him behind his back. If he can't get out of them within 60 seconds you get the money, otherwise he gets it. Did not apply to S&W or Peerless brand cuffs. He made $20 in just about every class. cheap cuffs are relatively easy to defeat mechanically due to poor construction.

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