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In florida a citizen can use any force needed to stop and detain a person engaged in a violent felony. Also if I were ever to draw on a person robbing me etc. the compliance I need to see is hands up and face flop while I call the cops. This goes for any level of force I use, hands, knife, gun, hammer... anything. I doubt I would ever feel a need or comfort from carrying cuffs. Shame junior showed an interest in them when we took the guy huntin' and he gifted them to junior, since they will just be a trinket in the house...
Nice neather "half holster" too.
Maybe I will buy me a fake badge and play "undercover copper" with momma... On second thought her "resisting arrest" might lead to me getting a black eye, broke nose and fat lip... She would fight more than yer average 6'4" 250 pound thug!
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