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hello to all, I guess i'm the new kid on the block

My name Is Hank, and like most of you I very much like what I see on this post so far!, I guess that 's why I joined. I'm In the first part of my 70s and I don't know yet if I'm looking forward to my 80s. I grew up in N.Y.C. New York City, moved to New jersey after my time In the Marines, maried , 3 kids, devorced, remaried moved to the Poconos, PA. and now we live in Delaware for the passed 5 years, I do think this will be my last move!!! I have been shooting sinse the very early 50s thanks to our once great Uncle Sam!!! I have been shooting ever sinse and I also reload and collect guns in a small way. I'm trying to keep this short and to the point, I'm more of a dooer than a reader, I'm a hands on type of a guy mostly. I have many other hobbies, wood working and wood turning, photography, leather working, surf fishing, and as stated before, shooting, reloading & gun colecting, any one that has many hobbies well knows that you do not do all, at the time, Or should I say, I do not do all at the same time.
I'm Looking forward to chatting with most of you people and let me say right now, I'm not looking for any arguments from anyone! If we can not discuss something, it's not worth taking the time with.
Thank you all, that's my nut shell. Semper FI to all. Hank D.
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