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Just to add a bit of info. That design, using a light bolt and heavy spring had a further life. Wanting to produce an auto pistol, and frustrated by the fact that a fellow named Browning had patented all the best ideas, one Mr. Joseph Wesson took himself to Belgium, where he bought the rights to Clement's pistol. Shortly thereafter, S&W produced their first auto pistol, the .35 S&W Auto caliber gun sometimes called the Model 1913. It was a clear descendant of the Clement but was, to put it charitably, less than a smashing success. A redesign in 1924 to use the standard .32 ACP cartridge didn't help and there were even fewer sales of the newer model.

But S&W didn't entirely forget. You can see traces of the Clement design in the S&W Model 41/46 .22 pistol and even in their current .22 autos.

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