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Thanx guys

I want a regular ranch style mini. I dont care to get a target model. I'd like a Mini mostly for a plinker / range gun / defensive weapon / target riffle. Really I want it for everything I could use it for. Also possibly hunting. I've got plenty of other firearms. I have an AR-10 as well. And I've shot enough AR-15's to know that I like them, but I'd rather have a classic rifle design like the mini than an AR-15.

I just want to be sure that I'll be getting a rifle thats as good as I hope it can be. I would feel so bad if I got a mini, and loved it so much, only to find it literally incapable of any better than 3" groups at 100 yards.

So lets here it, tell me how good you and your Mini are at 100 yards! :-)

Any additional info is always great to hear!

Oh, by the way, whats the story on using steel cased ammo in a Mini? ever give you problems?
Realistically, then, you can probably expect 2" inch groups out of the box with a scope... and probably not much better, unless you go with the target model. Mini's are NOT known for their accuracy, though, as mentioned previously, the newer ones are better than earlier models.

Their problem lies in their barrel design. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but their barrels (even their "heavy" barrel) are thinner/thinnest where the round is chambered, then get thicker towards the midpoint, and then taper off again. This is unusual as far as most barrel designs go and causes it vibrate in a unique fashion. It's the vibrations that cause it's inherent inaccuracy and the reason why the target models need the harmonic dampener. There was an explicit write-up explaining this on another forum (can't find the link).
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