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STEINER: 'Second your motion'.
I know nothing about the accuracy of my Mini 14, built in 1990 (I shoot objects from about 50-80' in a river), but it never suffered a single ftf, and only used newer Russian-made ammo, both Wolf (fmj) and Silver Bear (jhp). Not only that, but the 30-round polymer Promag bought in spring '08 never even misfed a single round, even though I expected it to misfeed. Zero.

The Promag, though a wobbly fit, worked better than the original 20-round magazine built in the Ruger factory with their name imprinted on the bottom. This might be hard to believe.

That Mini is more reliable than an AK that I watched in person, used by a buddy who fired no more than one round per second. My rifle surprised me.
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