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Wow! Has the price really gone up that much? I paid $600, two years ago, for a 580 series. I'm content with mine, for what it is. It is not a target grade rifle, it's more of a truck gun, with suitable accuracy, for its intended purpose. They are rugged and reliable. I can put 30 rounds in the black as fast as I can get a sight picture. I have had, with a pet handload, gotten a 1.5" three round group. I am content with that, as this is a fun gun and a beater to carry in the Durango. The only caution I have to note is when using milsurp brass, don't use the heaviest bullets available, ie. 70 grainers, I have had one primer blow out on me. I am considering an AR type, if I decide to let go of that much cash.
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