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I have an old Smith and Wesson chambered in .32 WCF. 5 inch blued barrel, and fixed sights.

My dad got it from his dad. Pop told me he thought it was probably made in the 40's. Kept under the mattress on his side of the bed. I remember firing it as a kid, using 32-20 ammo, which I understand is the correct ammunition.

The serial number on the bottom of the grip is 5 digits- 760xx

Any ideas?
Most likely a .32-20 Hand Ejector Model of 1905, 4th Change, manufactured from 1915 to 1940, with S/Ns ranging from 65701 to 144684. The SCSW doesn't provide any information tying serial numbers to specific years of production, but as yours is much closer to the beginning of the range I'd guess it's older than you think.
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