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Texas is going to soon follow suit according to one of the people interviewed who stated "We have already filed his (Gary Marbut's) bill in Texas"..
The bill I heard about in TX was more of a generalized states' rights statement, not a gun-specific bill like MT.

IMHO the MT bill would have serious trouble passing in TX. The TX legislative process is notoriously difficult; there's a single short legislative session once every 2 years, and given the number of issues affecting our big and populous state, the sessions tend to degenerate into a horse race to pass mounds of legislation in a very short time. Bills aren't guaranteed a floor vote unless they have broad-based support and/or are favored by powerful committee members, and sometimes not even then.

TX has a strong and historically entrenched fiscally conservative legislative culture that crosses party lines. Based on the speeches I've heard, this is the main impetus behind the proposed state's-rights bill. OTOH despite out-of-state stereotypes, our legislature is not always strongly pro-gun. TX is still not an open-carry state and there has been no strong legislative action taken to change this. The recent campus-carry and employee-parking bills died in the House, were resurrected in the Senate, and look like they're going to wither on the vine because the regular legislative session ends June 1st.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in 2011 regardless.
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