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LordofWar,about 5 whiskey....

Thank you for your compliments.

I do not know you,I do not know 5whiskey.

And,all of us are somewhere between naive and cynical.The number of times we have been betrayed has something to do with that.

I freely admit I am quite ignorant about life in Pakistan.I only have the propaganda our media serves.

Please appreciate,while Pakistan is home for you,I have the impression,as an American,it may be a potentially dangerous place for me.

Such is the world,today.

I am happy to respect you as another shooter,and respect your questions.

In my opinion,it may not be correct to say 5whiskey is a bigot for anything he wrote.

Two of my brothers have served as US Army Special Forces.One was a medic in Vietnam,the other was an A-Team commander befor he moved up in the SOCOM organization.Either of my brothers could have been in a far away place that might be unsettled at times.

That I gave you my best information indicates I treated you with respect,but I will confess I wonder if I do the right thing sometimes.With no direspect to you,or to Pakistan,I can find my own fear that someone who reads of the fine art of rifle shooting at long range.....might find a brother or a friend and call him " medium game"

It does not imply any disrespect to you as a shooter or a hunter or individual if sometimes I myself must wonder how the knowledge I share might be used.

Now,as I said,I have chosen to take you at face value.I choose to continue.

But,I think maybe 5whiskey is OK
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