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Trust me and take this at face value, the only thing different in Pakistan is expensive firearms & ammo.

If not for the Post Cold War produced pain in the rear foriegn fanatics & super power's scape goats, life's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

Again I would thank you for taking me and my thread at face value. The biggest game animal in Pakistan is the Ibex & Markhor where the largest animal is hardly at par with the Whitetail Deer in size so all we have in our part of the world is MEDIUM GAME.

A true marksman is determined by his ability to shoot at targets beyond 500 yards which is when the fun begins. Use aperture sights to add toppings but for hunting we do need a scope which is when things become easier.

Well the 7mm RM does have all the power packed for a humane and clean kill at 600 yards if/when in the right hands.

Moreover, you dont do stupid things when you're paying an offical hunting license fee of $35,000 USD for a single animal.
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