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Ammo availability for almost all hunting rounds to include 7mm RM, .279 Win & 30-06 Sprgf. is scare but some dealer do import them on & off. What we usally do is buy as much as we can whenever they are available. They are painfully expensive as compared to the US though $10.625 per bullet was my recent purchase but again shooting is an expensive hobby.
US is a heaven for gun enthusiasts. I really envy my friends in the US when they buy a Glock for $500 bucks which I buy in Pakistan for in excess of $4200 USD. :/

Pakistan is an agrarian economy and is an agriculture intensive country. The only desert that we have is in the far South eastern part of the country which is somewhat a small patch and has become more of a cultural heritage for both India & Pakistan.

I go to our local range in Karachi, Pakistan which has a 300 mtr range with state of the art equipment and electronic sensor targets with an LCD at every station point out your hits and calculating groups.

Practicing in any open area is strictly NOT allowed in Pakistan. For beyond 300mtrs I have a range at my farmhouse

I have a Santa Barbara in .308 and I'm not very fond of it. I usually hunt with & practice with my Blaser R93s.
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