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You guys are awesome

Wow, three replies already!

Dingo, thanks for the welcome- The Firing Line has been one of my favorite places to come, learn, get info, and just enjoy (mostly) intelligent conversation about guns.

I definitely keep it cleaned and lubed, so I'm covered there. I tend to think revolvers are indeed generally pretty reliable so long as we do that.

I do think I'll take your advice and get some springs and screws. These, along with a few firing pins and some trigger/hammer parts, ought to be enough. Maybe an extra cylinder, too.

Netto, I'm mostly with you. I really don't know much about working on revolvers- I'm tempted to break this one down, just to get some experience with it, but it's my only revolver, and I'd hate to do something goofy or not remember quite how to put it back together if I did. I might just look into buying another one, keep it on hand for parts and fiddle with it.

Thanks for the guidance, gentlemen! I'm looking forward to participating on TFL!
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