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looking for info

My grandfather recently passed away, and in the cleanup of his items, we found an older S&W revolver, that none of us even knew he owned. I have no idea how long he has owned it for, so I am trying to get an idea of the age and model of the gun.

It states on the top of the barrel,
Smith & Wesson Springfield Massachusetts USA
Patented Feb 6, 06, Sept 14 09, and Dec 29 14

On the sides of the barrel:
Smith and Wesson
32 Long CTG

On the inside of the cylinder housing is a stamped number of 55734 which I think is a part number of the cylinder housing.

The serial number is 330XXX stamped on the bottom of the handle, and on the cylinder itself.

It is both SA and DA, and fires quite accurately, as I cleaned it up(probably hadnt been cleaned in 40 years), and took it out to the range and put a half a box of standard S&W 32 Long through it.

if anyone could tell me the model and approximate age it would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks all

I am going to upload a pic in case that helps.

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