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Hi soxxor,

I am very interested in Mann pistols - since this thread was started, I have been gathering all the information about them that I can.

For my own research purposes, could you possibly provide the serial number of your gun? And if you possibly can, I would LOVE to see photos of the pistol and its original box! It would be a big help to me as I compile data about the Mann pistols.

If you cannot take pictures, could you at least describe your Mann pistol in detail? As you may be aware, there were several variations - some of the early models had cast aluminum grips instead of plastic ones, and I hear that some of the very first guns may have been produced in an odd proprietary caliber different from the standard 6.35mm.

I'd appreciate any info (and particularly photos!!!). The original box is a real "bragging rights" piece to a collector! Congratulations on owning such a desirable combo!
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