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What constitutes brandishing?

For an act to be considered brandishing, does it have to be an intentional display of a pistol? I ask this because today, I was out in the driveway refinishing a dresser, and I had my PM9 in my IWB holster. It's so small and comfortable, it's easy to forget it's there. Meanwhile, my neighbor and her 3 yr old son are out in their yard maybe 20 yds away from me. While I am messing around with the dresser, I realize my shirt has come up and is stuck behind the grip, so the pistol is hanging out in the open. I also then realize she and her son have gone inside. I think it was coincidental, but it got me to thinking. If she had an issue with it, could it have been considered brandishing? Does it matter that I rent my place and was therefore not techinically on MY property? I would hope that such an "accident" wouldn't really be defined as brandishing, but I want to know for sure. I am in VA FWIW, I assume it's a state law and not federal. Thanks.
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