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Its brand new
rugers require a break in period of about 200 rounds before they work flawlessly
Source please? As I said in the other thread on this subject, I've never had to break any of mine in. They ran right out of the box. Does the manual say anything about a break in period?


1) Grip may be an issue here. Have someone else shoot it and see if the same thing happens. Adjust your grip higher and adjust your support hand as described in the other thread.

2) ZeSpectre's comment about packing grease vs. lube is spot on. The stuff they stuff guns with at the factory is meant to protect them from rusting in shipment and storage in warehouse conditions. It's not a functional lubricant. Make sure you've stripped and cleaned the gun appropriately. I like synthetic safe Bores Srubber as it tends to really blow out the goo. Re-lube with Breakfree CLP or equivalent and you'll have ruled out any lube issues.

3) You may have gotten a lemon. It happens. Ruger will take care of you though and will pay shipping both ways. Sometimes the person you talk to will say something along the lines of "We'll reimburse you afterward". NO, they will send you a call tag.

Best of luck.......
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