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I don't care how new a pistol is, his is malfunctioning on every single shot. I can't believe that Ruger pistols are intended to leave the factory in a condition to consistently malfunction like that and then magically stop after a "break in period".
I think thats a bit over the top. I really think its his grip. Gabe, ask one of the guys who work at the range to try it out. if it happens for them, you problem need to send it to the factory. The grip method you are using can easily lead to the malfunction you are having. There is a certain gun (I wont say the name) that will malfunction everytime if held a certain way. I reading recoil was a concern for you. You'll find that with a good solid grip the gun will 1)function 2)return to point of aim 3)recoil less.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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