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I don't care how new a pistol is, his is malfunctioning on every single shot. I can't believe that Ruger pistols are intended to leave the factory in a condition to consistently malfunction like that and then magically stop after a "break in period".

BMB, you should have somebody familiar with autos shoot your gun to see if the problem is operator error, as Jaybird suggested. I don't think you are limp wristing it, but you may be doing something as simple as engaging the slide stop with your firing grip. I'm not familiar enough with Ruger pistols to know if this a common problem, or even likely. If the problem does not appear to be operator error, it could be any number of problems but it would be hard to make a recommendation without knowing the failure mode. Again, somebody with first hand experience probably needs to help you out in real life in this instance to help troubleshoot.
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