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However, you can help me out here. I didn't see in the article or the video clip where it even said that DNA testing was done before the warrant was issued. What am I missing?
Investigative DNA might not be revealed at any point.
Kind of like a poker hand, it may cost you to see the other hand

Ya'll do realize that in MANY states a game cop doesn't need a warrant to force his way into your home/property to search for illegal animal parts and can take what he considers "evidence" with him....
That "IS" a common misconception that has been around for many years. Its BS. Unless there are blood trail kind of evidence(figure of speech).
The Conservation Office is highly trained in getting "permission" to enter private property.
Here in MN a Conservation officer was thought to be able to open a fish house on a frozen lake and do a surprise compliance check. until a meth lab was found in production and the bad boys were set scott free because there was no warrant. Today a Conservation Officer must knock and ask, You can say no and they go away. Unless they have a warrant
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