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Things I learned from the experience

1 No matter how many times it is done and nothing happens when handeling guns unsafely. It only takes 1 time of something happening to KILL YOU.
2 Never assume anything check and check again. Never point a gin in a person's direction unless you intend to shoot them.
3 Life is precious, do not take it for granted. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you. You may never get that chane again.
4 Be as active as you can in instilling safety, be it BB guns with kids, or real guns with new shooters.
5 Try to not learn the hard way. Yes it realy drives home the message, but sometimes that lesson comes at the epense of somone being killed.
6 Learn CPR it saved my life and has counless others.

PS The gangbangers were rounded up while I was in the hospital. Most are still in prision on various charges, the ones that stabbed me are all still serving time.
I am a CCW carrier and have been since I turned 21. I cary everwhere it is legal to. I know what can happen when there are those intent on hariming or killing someone. I pray that the time never comes when I actualy have to use my gun. Untill then I train and practice.
So all in all stay safe,
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