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A continuation of the previous cheese story

Apropos!--Because I speak of Limburger cheese, a little mishap that happened to our brigade's music-band director some weeks ago occurs to me. He traveled in the company of a companion on a boat from here to Bridgeport and grew tired from standing. He sat on an object wihout looking at it closely beforehand; while his companion, with a travelling bag in his hand, remain standing next to him. The director sniffed several times, one right after the other, and asked his acquaintence: "Where do you have your Limburger cheese?" He looked up, surprised, because Limburger cheese had not been avilable in his region for a long time; and asked where the cheese is supposed to be. The director said his nose told him that he must have a brick of cheese in his travel bag. The acquaintance quickly got an idea. Mr.... you are sitting on a stand bearing a corpse! The director jumped up frightened. The address on the box told him that it had contained a dead Rebel for eight days. They you can see how everthing is pure deception. One cannot trust his own nose."
I'll share another anecdote, non-cheese or corpse related, later.
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