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Westy: As I look into the polychoke/Saiga combo there also seem to be some claims than the barrel is not always concentric and that some of the polychokes throw the pattern way off b/c of it.
That would be covered under warranty and can be a problem with any shotgun. RAA actually is a great company and will stand behind their product 100%. Cadiz Gun Works in Ohio does the warranty work and Tom Cole is a great gunsmith.

Yes you can buy a thread on Polychoke for $90(+shipping and I saw them for $100). As far as "all you will ever need," probably right. As far as what you are ever going to WANT maybe not. Good luck if that polychoke has a bad pattern.
There are 2 versions one has a compensator built in that one is $100. I like the cheaper one. They are good chokes none the less and pattern well as all polychokes do.

It is really irrelevant if the mags are legal in Ohio as the OP probably isn't in Ohio.
I doubt there are many places that ban hunting with a shotgun with a removable mag just because there really are not that many out there that have a removable mag. I can count them on one hand. I would not be surprised if there is a couple places where it is banned but I bet the number is low. I actually am looking now at each state's regulations so I know for sure because this point is brought up a lot and usually is proven to be untrue.

My local shop has the 18" model but I am wondering how much better the longer barrel would be for bird hunting
It is a 19" barrel and if you get the 24" model just know it does not come with the side scope mount if that is an issue for you. I would suggest you go to for al things Saiga. The main problem with bird hunting with a Saiga is the really short sight base and the sights are on the gas cylinder which puts the about 1.5" above bore. You can put a better sight with a front sight on the end of the barrel but the ones out there are ghost ring sights. In Europe they have many more sporting Saiga models available but they are not available here.

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