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Thanks everyone for all the info, I should have made it clearer in my posting but I am going to buy a saiga to add to my ak collection. Also I have normal hunting guns. I am just not certain of the barrel length or model I should look for. My local shop has the 18" model but I am wondering how much better the longer barrel would be for bird hunting. I understand there are certain guns designed for each type of hunting but for me the saiga 12 at any length should be a fine hog gun. I am not sure if it is this way every where but here in Texas we have no laws on hog hunting and it is common for people to use ak's-ar's-sks's,with 30rd mags so the high capacity is not a problem. I know nothing about bird hunting tho and just wanted some info on how much if any the longer barrel on a saiga 12 would help the gun for bird hunting.
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