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I thought about buying one of these 6 months ago and had the 'will I be using this for hunting' concern also. Everything I brought up is something someone should look at if they want to buy one for hunting use along with whatever. It is really irrelevant if the mags are legal in Ohio as the OP probably isn't in Ohio. No one in this thread cares what Ohio laws are. He needs to look into his state specifically. Hell I even started my post by saying I was summarizing others comments in previous threads.

Yes you can buy a thread on Polychoke for $90(+shipping and I saw them for $100). As far as "all you will ever need," probably right. As far as what you are ever going to WANT maybe not. Good luck if that polychoke has a bad pattern. I guess you can lay down $90 for a new one and see if it has a good pattern. Maybe polychokes never have holes in them. I have spent about $40 on chokes and got one with a pattern I did not like(hole) and simply replaced it. I can use these chokes in the two shotguns I own and a third I owned for a short time. The pump I am going to buy will use them also. Way better than spending $360 (my rough estimate more like 440 unless I bought them all at once) on polychokes. I was planning to get a polychoke when I was looking at Browning A5s for my first gun. Looked like a decent system, I just lucked into buying a bunch of guns that use Remington chokes. There are also aftermarket chokes that use the Remington thread if I ever want to get fancy.

Westy: As I look into the polychoke/Saiga combo there also seem to be some claims than the barrel is not always concentric and that some of the polychokes throw the pattern way off b/c of it. You may want to LOOK INTO THAT before you buy the gun intending to get a polychoke or other screw on choke. It does not seem to be that common, but if you go with the system and have problems start looking there for the answer.
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