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Gonna be mighty tuff to surpass even a Maverick 88 in my hands on deer
Like I said above, lightweight, light recoil, short overall length (converted), very fast handling great for in a blind or up in a treestand or stalking around. It will make 3" slugs feel like 2 3/4" shells. Mounting a scope via the sidemount is a no brainer and with the quick release it comes off in seconds. Military finish and chrome lining makes it more or less maintenance free especially when using magnum loads. I bought it as a fun toy and did not expect to use it so much for hunting.

Not sure what else you are looking for but I suspect I am wasting my time responding. But that is OK I have formed my opinions from my own experiences with different shotguns that cannot be said by some who just don't like a shotgun if it is not one of the old standbys in blued steel and walnut. I have those shotguns too.
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