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used for deer and turkey and the Saiga excels there
I wouldn't go so far as to say "excels"...
v., -celled, -cel┬Ěling, -cels.

To do or be better than; surpass.

To show superiority; surpass others.

Gonna be mighty tuff to surpass even a Maverick 88 in my hands on deer. Why would it excel? Semi auto? The only reason I load a mag tube is to have a full day of ammo and none in my pocket. I only need 2 shells for 2 deer. It is going to be mighty tuff to excel against a standard gun in competent hands when placing one slug in the red circle at 60-80 yards. I can also get off one round every 2-4 seconds into the same red circle for a total of 6 for 6.
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