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see what you guys are saying now with the chokes. Yes, for an additional $100 you can get a polychoke which fits the threads. I can go to wal-mart and pay $12 for whatever choke I want on my shotgun.
The polychoke is all you will ever need and $90 is what they cost no matter what brand they are made to it. It would better if you just said I have never used a Saiga but I feel they are not a good hunting shotgun for me instead of throwing out all these semi relevant "facts".

The fact is that I own and 870 12 gauge duck gun, 870 12 gauge deer gun, 20 gauge 870 deer gun, Mossberg 500 12 gauge deer gun, 1187 12 gauge duck gun and a Saiga 12. I choose the Saiga for deer and turkey over all the other shotguns. That is my choice after using them all in the field.

I will add the russian chokes are heavy duty military quality when compared to the regular in barrel style chokes they are pretty indestructible. If you are savvy also you can get all kinds of chokes from russia pretty much all the flavors including a rifled choke but the polychoke makes them obsolete save for the rifled choke. I am going to get a rifle choke so I can shoot sabot slugs next deer season.
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