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About what may be different in Pakistan..

I did mention that in my first reply on this thread.I understand life is different in other places.

In what I have written,I have referenced what is right for me,without saying what other folks should do.

I can make a case for self restraint ,shooting at game at long range,in terms of education rather than condemnation.

I am taking the OP at face value when he describes the target as a medium game animal.To speculate further would require pondering about who might be in harm's way.
I also take at face value the statement that the fun begins at ranges over 600.Yes,the real challenges of the art of the rifle are out at those ranges.

But,for myself,it is not necessary that the long range target be a living thing that must suffer my errors.Rocks,steel that clanges,will tell me if I shot well,or not.I do not need to see the creature with a destroyed leg in agony for fun.That is what is true for me.You may find your own truth,your own way. No heartburn.
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