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I have regular access to an 11-87, H&R single shot, Moss 500 persuader, Moss 500, any number of trap and sporting clays guns for shooting trap or 5 stand(A5s 870s, Berettas, Brownings, etc.).

I am pretty confident I could pick up any of these guns and use them for any shotgunning activity and see results similar to what technosavant reports(2-3 clays difference).

Like I have said in almost all my posts it will work. If you want it for HD or something and use it for hunting, good. I wouldn't buy a 24" to use it for ducks also though. I think you would hamper its effectiveness for HD with the extra 6" and still not have a great duck/quail gun.

I see what you guys are saying now with the chokes. Yes, for an additional $100 you can get a polychoke which fits the threads. I can go to wal-mart and pay $12 for whatever choke I want on my shotgun. It just so happens all the guns I own use the Remington chokes. I guess if I was buying more than 6 or 7 chokes and I did not want to be able to move them between guns easily, I assume you usually loctite the polychoke onto the barrel, a $100 poly choke would be awesome. It would be hard to forget the correct removeable choke, which I have done before.

The made by Izmash chokes look like they are $30+ a piece or $90 for a three set kit. Hope you like the patterns you get from those three chokes.
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