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Are there ones with polychoke on Saigas website, or are you actually seeing them available?
Once again why take part in a thread where you have nothing substantive to add. I can give you 4 places off the top of my head that has polychokes and even Russian chokes for the Saiga 12. Also just because you cannot wrap you head around why someone would want to hunt with an AK shotgun does not mean that it cannot be a really effective hunting platform.

It is the perfect deer and turkey shotgun IMO especially with a polychoke and a pistol grip conversion. It is so light and the recoil is very mild. While turkey hunting you can easily take those one handed shots while flashing a tom decoy in the other hand. Also with the chrome lined barrel they are very light on maintenance requirements as you do not need to worry about the barrel rusting and pitting. Like I said for bird hunting it is not ideal but those people that complain about not being able to top off, that is what 20 round drums are for Honestly you just need to get proficient with the platform and you can do everything fast.

Look into detachable mags being legal to hunt in your state. I definitely heard someone say this at one point while talking about pheasant hunting with a Saiga in Ohio(about Ohio).
I definitely heard somewhere that there is info on the internet and before you throw stuff out there you should at least try to fact check. Here are the Ohio regulations, you just need to plug your shotgun so please no more red herrings:

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