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Are there ones with polychoke on Saigas website, or are you actually seeing them available?
It appears a 19" and 22" with choke are produced. Maybe more, but 24' looks to be the longest barrel in general. I have never seen them advertised as available and at 24" that is still a short than normally recommended barrel for duck or quail, which OP indicated he wants to use the gun for. Ever place around me seems to have the 18 and 20 without chokes. I have never looked for one with any hunting in mind, but I am pretty sure none of the gun stores or online retailers whose stock I browse has these threaded for choke versions available. Maybe you can special order them. Maybe Saiga is like some other manufacturers and has models listed that are not really available. Maybe I just browsed over them as I wasn't interested.

I could hunt deer with a BT-99 w/ 30+" barrel and it would probably work fine, but it doesn't make much sense when a mossberg $500 w/ two barrels is available for $250 at Dick's sporting goods.

You can do it. It will work. Probably not the best choice.

If you have the money laying around get one for other things and use it for hunting also, but get it for the other reasons. I sure wish I had one to put use for HD(what a crazy amount of firepower that is with 400+ #4 pellets in one mag), but not my first choice for anything where my mag capacity is limited anyways. A lot of people do not like detachable mags on hunting rifles either. I imagine that would transfer to shotguns also.

Look into detachable mags being legal to hunt in your state. I definitely heard someone say this at one point while talking about pheasant hunting with a Saiga in Ohio(about Ohio). I never looked into it as I could care less, but something to look into if you want to hunt with it.
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