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OK, Tuttle8 prodded me about not posting recently. On that same day, a box of five books arrived. University of Tennessee has a book sale and I dropped over $100 to buy five books. I was glancing through one this morning and share this tidbit from Two Germans in the Civil War: The Diary of John Daeuble and the Letters of Gottfried Rentschler, 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry. Edited and Translated by Joseph R. Reinhart. Here it is:

Here I praise the little Swabian organ-builder's help Pfeffer, whose feet had the problem that they sweated very much and gave off a very unedifying odor. One pretty summer day, a village schoolmaster who did not know this, and who was a big lover of Limburger cheese, happened to sit next to the ogran-builder's helper, Pfeffer, in the inn. He smelled something strong and, after our schoolmaster had taken a few good sniffs, he asked, with a sense of well-being, "Mr. Pfeffer have you eaten cheese?" "No." said Pfeffer. "Mr. Schoolmaster, my feet stink."
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