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guys and gals thanks for the links.

I am familiar with these rifles (have owned 5 so far) and this was the only one with a scrubbed receiver.

turns out it is the OT model of serials as well.

already have some light loaded 308 ammo that I put through it and working on some more light loads for it. I got lots of 150gr hornady sp's so working on some light loads with those, cci 200 primers and imr4895.

the little gun is handy and holds good groups from a rest and sights are spot on.

still got a lot of cleaning to do as the stock absorbed a lot of cosmo and even after letting sit in the sun in a blag trash sack with paper towels soaking up the cosmo it still has some. will hit with a heat gun later on. and then a good kerosene dip if needed.

already steamed out the dings and also steamed the area on the stock near the lower band that had some fit issues and swelled the wood enough that it now has a tight fit .

all in all am happy I got another of these little rifles. this one I won't sell (I said that for the last 4 but this time I mean it).

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