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Spanish 1916s' were not for OUR 7.62 Nato

Kyrie Ellis on another list pointed out the 7.62 Cetme developmental cartridge (for the CETMES as they were being conceived postwar by their German designers) that had a long skinny 130 grain bullet and they werent powered as hot as the NATO round designed for the early CETME rifles which were delayed blowback. Those 7.62 marked 1916s were designed for the puny CETME cartridge and not NATO. Used with the lighter CETME cartridge the 1916 Mauser rifles gave good service till the FR-8 came into being.

OH by the way, iirc they 1916's were 1893's and made with SPANISH steels from Oviedo and not the tougher Oberndorf Mauser steels.

That CETME was re-engineered into the G-3 service rifle by HK, but the Spanish Cetme's were a special breed

7.62 Nato was never intended for those 1916's which were trainers for that proprietary 7.62 ammo made specially for the Cetme's

Kyrie sent me reams of printouts on the history of the rifle and cartridge and the behavior of that Mauser species when used with 7.62 Nato ammo. As a gunsmith, he had to take back a number of them that in use demonstrated traits that were precursors to failing.

The rifle with NATO ammo is destined to fail and it was a crapshoot when it would fail. For the average 20 rounds a year hunter perhapsd not for his lifetime, some of us serious crufflers would shoot ten times that in a day .

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