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Originally Posted by cracked91
Hilarious anyway, everyone gets a good laugh over watching a P!ssing match from the sidelines, to bad TFL is against it
It's too bad people don't understand why we're against it.

Originally Posted by Mike Irwin
In short, that's not going to happen, because we do things one way, and only one way -- Rich Lucibella's way. Rich provides the guidance and framework for what TFL is, what TFL should be, and how TFL operates, and we moderators do our best to support that. As I told someone a few weeks ago -- there has to be a TFL baseline, and Rich is the holder of that baseline.
And with that, the bar is raised. It's raised as such that when Staff holds our fellow members accountable to retain the higher level of standards it ruffles some feathers. We're called "holier than thou", "snobs", or any other similar stereotype. That's fine by me. I see it if a member resorts to this opinion, he/she doesn't really agree nor understand Rich's vision and why Staff runs a relatively tight ship. Birds of a feather...
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