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Right denied. Still say that's middle of the road?
Out of staters may transport handguns through NY state per federal law. I have never heard of anyone having any trouble.

Except for NY city, the entire state has a permit process very similar to most other states. The "may issue" status is almost always in name only, VERY few permits are denied without cause in the VAST majority of the state.

Open carry an unloaded gun? Well, OK, but who wants to?

We don't have an "allowed list". (Like CA) Most anyone without a criminal history can get and carry almost any handgun.

Middle of the road? Yep.

Do I wish it was less restrictive? Yep, but that doesn't change the fact that, compared to other states, NY is not terribly restrictive. Neither I nor anyone I know has ever had a problem getting permits or any gun we've wanted.
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