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Here is what the Montana Gun law is aimed at.....

Roscoe Filburn was a farmer who produced wheat in excess of the amount permitted. Filburn however, argued that because the excess wheat was produced for his private consumption on his own farm, it never entered commerce at all, much less interstate commerce, and therefore was not a proper subject of federal regulation under the Commerce Clause.
Judge Andrew Napolitano has stated on some programs that the USSC would probably have 5 or 6 votes to overturn this ruling on the current court.

If this movement spreads to other states which I believe it has and gains momentum this would have Feds quaking in thier shoes. I am getting the popcorn and soda ready for the show. I know somebody in DC is sweating over the potential of this case. So do they make a big throwdown with propoganda and risk waking the sleeping giant or do nothing and hope it gets no attention?

Has my support.
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