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OC VS CCW story and Questions

I was at the store the other day (blue boutique) and as I was looking around i noticed a man OCing. I didnt pay much attention to it, But someone else did... as i was leaning over to grab something off the lower shelf the girl behind the counter nearly yells "Hey i can see your gun!" Immediately about 6 men and 2 women reach for different parts of their body confirming their SA was concealed. As we all looked around at eachother it was kind of funny to see a near room full people with their hand on their hip, purse, ankle, ETC. Made me feel very safe.

Which also makes me think. In 1 place in 1 part of town approximetly 10 people are carrying. Why is there still crime? Are people afraid to interfere with a robbery or such? Do they not feel a need? Do they not feel in danger and have the right to draw? i understand the rules and regulations behind drawing your weapon, but also i wonder if someone would have tried to rob that store right then would anyone have drawn?
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