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After a couple of intensive days of range training we start running students through live fire tactical houses. They go through 2-3 times, searching out and engaging bad guy targets and hopefully, holding their fire on the no-shoot targets. Once they are comfortable with moving and shooting we set them up with a Simunitions pistol & they have to locate and engage one of the instructors (who also has a Simunitions pistol). The student gets ONE round in his gun and the instructor ALWAYS waits until the student shoots before he returns fire. The vast and overwhelming majority of students (who enter the house with their pistol at low ready) pop off their one round right in front of their feet. Sometimes the instructor gets paint splattered on his boot. Yes, even students who have had professional training before do it. There's just something about engaging a real, live, human adversary who is holding a GUN that throws everything you *think* you'll do out the window, even when you *know* that it has non-lethal rounds in it and you're absolutely certain that you're not going to get a big hole blown in you.
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